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Yoga for Mental Health 100-Hour Professional Teacher Training
Yoga for Mental Health 100-Hour Professional Teacher Training
Yoga for Mental Health 100-Hour Professional Teacher Training

Yoga for Mental Health 100-Hour Professional Teacher Training

The healing benefits of yoga are vast and transformative; yet, the culture of yoga in the western world is catered to the privileged, cis-gendered, white, and neuro-typical.  
Yogic technologies were intended for all, and must be especially available to communities that are marginalized, under-serviced and misunderstood. The capacities to inhabit the body, understand the mind, and heal from within are essential for those experiencing systemic and personal trauma, and can empower one into circumstances that lead to support and success. Therefore, those who have had privilege to practice and teach yoga are also responsible for ensuring that it is available to anyone who needs or desires it.

This 100-hour immersion is intended for yoga teachers who know that it is their responsibility to deepen their education so as to meet all students who might feel called to the practice;  

it is for yoga teachers who feel keen to broaden their teaching from yoga studios into their communities, and yoga teachers who feel called to meet their studio practitioners in a fuller way;  

and it is for anyone who works in a system -- mental health workers, teachers, social workers, healthcare professionals etc -- who would like to bridge their interactions with both physiological and holistic knowledge and support.

Course Structure: 

As a group, we will for six days. Due to the corona virus, we have needed to reschedule this training. The new dates for this training are: 

October 9 - 15, 2020

(The training will take place at Metta Yoga Studio (Edmonton, AB).

Daily Schedule:

9:00 - practice

10:45 Breakfast

11:15 - 1:30 Lecture

1:30 - 2:30 Lunch

2:30 - 3:45 Lecture

4:00 - 5:30 Dyad Work  

We also require mandatory participation in a Blanket Exercise on the Saturday following the training. 

You are required to complete a 2000 word paper upon training completion relating a topic from the training that resonated with you with your community and life experience. We require that you include three resources within your paper.

Paper due date: TBA

There will be required readings upon completion of the training to ensure that the teachings from lecture are digested and conveyed in meaningful and ever-evolving ways. 

You will have practicum hours to complete within six months of training (by TBA) whereby you will be asked to create a meaningful project to bring life and depth to your communities (the project will be approved by Katie and Mallorie prior to its unfolding).