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Yoga as Activism - An Evening of Education and Fundraising!

Yoga as Activism - An Evening of Education and Fundraising!


Join us for an evening of both delving into the reasons why we practice, and deepening your understanding of the momentum and change you can create by orienting yourself inward. 

We will be discussing via a panel of incredible womxn with vast experience, the ways in which yoga is essential. While also accepting the ways in which the yoga community must shift from one highly exclusive, to one that is accessible, trauma-informed, and aware of its global impact. 

We will be discussing the essentiality of personal AGENCY - Being free of influence from the inundating world of media and marketing - and how inner agency transforms how you interact with the world and social injustice. 

This world needs you to practice! Whether it's yoga or any other modality of internal work. We are being called to go inward and discover who we truly are. For it is from THAT place where we shift from simply talking about change, to the change becoming inherent action

WHEN: TBA (due to COVID-19, we have needed to postpone the event)

 6:00 - 9:00 pm 


The Creative Hive 

16819 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2S4  


(all funds raised going towards Indigenous Youth experiencing the journey of a lifetime)