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Interoception - A 9-week Workshop Series

Interoception - A 9-week Workshop Series


Yoga is not about what you practice but how you practice, and so many of us are practicing from the same mental periphery that permeates our daily rat race. 

And yet we have the tools, the strength and the teachings to shift this for ourselves and for others. The question is, do you truly want to live with more presence, more joy, more authenticity, more connection to who you truly are? If the answer is yes, you must choose the path that actually leads you there - the path that orients you INWARD. 

Interoception is the experience of being aware of your inner life, your inner voice, your inner sensation. It is the path of moving from the inside out, and of responding with spaciousness, rather than forging forward from reactive noise. 

This 9-week workshop series is intended to teach you the tools and show you how natural it can be to live from the deep ocean of awareness that exists inside of you. Every Monday evening for two hours we will discuss and practice the somatically-ingenius methods of subtle movement, energetic attunement, and breath work to genuinely heal, compassionately inquire, and wisely develop an authentic and comprehensive understanding of your true self.

Together we will explore:

- Somatic healing techniques

- Holistic yoga practices (pranayama, kriya, meditation, asana) 

- Compassionate Inquiry 

- Somatic trauma release 

- and so many more holistic practices that support the development of your inherent interoception



Every Monday night from October 7th - December 16th (with October 14th and November 11th off due to holidays) // 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. 


11034 124 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5M 0J3


$250.00 (only $27.00 / 2 hour workshop!)