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Willka Yachay 

The indigenous Q’eros people of Peru are the “último ayllu inka,” or the last Inkan community, practicing unique, earth-centric textile, musical, agricultural, social and spiritual traditions. The ancient wisdom of the Inka lives in their bodies and the earth where they abide, and it is their traditions and ceremonies that we must call upon to return this world to equilibrium. However, these communities, like many indigenous communities around the world, have been marginalized and discriminated against for centuries. Indeed, life is not easy in these sacred mountains, as an approximate 78 percent of Peru’s indigenous children live in poverty. Because they lack schools, many families migrate to cities for a “better life” of urban poverty. Those that stay in their community are striving to sustain their ancient Andean identity in the face of outward migration, large-scale mining, the arrival of a road and globalization.

Willka Yachay is a grassroots organization, created and maintained by a small group of on-the-ground people passionate about alleviating the education deficit. Willka Yachay supports the Q’eros Nation in the building of schools that are based on the community’s vision for the future, one that helps their children integrate into modern Peruvian life while maintaining their cultural identity. This approach to indigenous education is uncommon in Peru, and it sets a unique example that Willka Yachay hopes to export to other indigenous communities struggling to control their futures.

It is an honour to contribute up to 10% of the profits from Gather Sacred to support this heart-opening community of believers and doers, those fervently bringing indigenous wisdom and light back to the forefront of our world through empowerment and respect.


The Compassion Project 

Tsum, Nepal

The Himalayan valleys of Nepal and Tibet have called to adventurers and spiritual seekers for as long as they have existed, wanderers finding Self and Spirit amidst the area's sacred landscapes and traditions.Tsum is a small village resting in the depths of these valleys, thriving for centuries and maintaining its cultural and historical roots in spite of the western influences that are impacting indigenous communities around the world. 

Tsum was significantly impacted by the 2015 earthquake, and required additional assistance due to its geographic isolation. Global organizations and passionate individuals reached out to this small community to ensure basic physical and structural care, and slowly Tsum was able to rebuild itself; however, it was during this time that the community's health-care and educational needs became apparent, and The Compassion Project was born. 

The Compassion Project is a grassroots organization consisting of four members; a team that is dedicated to working with local people and ensuring that donations are always allocated to where they are most needed. The primary intention of The Compassion Project is to improve healthcare for Tsum residents by operating a health clinic in Lamagaon (Ngak), and by bringing young nurses to the region to teach much needed health-care practices. Their goals for the future include advancing education for primary school-aged children by sending trained Himalayan teachers into village schools. Through improving both health-care and education, the people of Tsum can continue to know the opportunity in their birth lands, and thrive as pivotal members in the various crevices of their community.

100% of the profits from the Tibetan Peace Mala and the Tibetan Rose Mala go to The Compassion Project, contributing in a small way to this community, isolated but ancient, seeped in the magnificent traditions honoured for centuries.