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About Gather Sacred

Gather Sacred is a curated space for all things inspirational, artisanal, holy, and high-vibing.

It is our purpose to discover and share that which is rooted in the ancient but takes form with contemporary grace. By uniting rituals that span culture and time with the trends and realities of this modern existence, we strive to empower you to lean fully into your truth, thus creating more alchemy and more beauty in this world.

Alongside the artisanal collections, ranging from alchemical scent experiences to goddess-trend apparel, Gather Sacred weaves stories of women who find themselves as artists, musicians, wellness enthusiasts, yogis, herbalists, philanthropists, ceremonialists, and entrepreneurs. These are stories of innovation, courage, of taking a path less travelled, and of manifesting success despite the unique challenges that life presents. It is our hope that these stories will ignite your heart, and lead you to design your magnificent life with sacred abundance.

Orange Moons

Mallorie Prem

Mallorie Buoy (Prem)

Mallorie’s journey into a sacred lifestyle started on her yoga mat. What began as a pursuit of the physical soon transformed into an exploration of self. Over the past decade Mallorie has been unraveling the carefully crafted layers of her being through teaching, travel and yoga, finding her present purpose in bringing women together to form a community of artisanship, ceremony and inspiration. Mallorie’s own artistry shines through in her writing and design, as well as in her yoga teaching and practice. As founder of Gather Sacred, she has become a facilitator for women who embody the desire to follow their hearts as entrepreneurs, artists, risk-takers, thinkers and explorers of roads less travelled. Mallorie’s contagious energy and spark permeates through her work and will touch the heart of anyone who crosses her path.