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A Quest

I am an avid tarot/oracle card reader. Call these cards hokey, witchy, weird (all of which they can be), but regardless of how they are viewed, they are ceaselessly informative and bring beautiful wisdom to often challenging circumstances.

Here is the thing: Our logical minds would like to be functioning at all times. For our survival, linear thinking is king, and as such, our left brain ways happily trump our right brain qualities, such as fluid thinking, non-judgement, and intuition, on a daily basis. We literally need to train our brains to provide us with information that may not be in the best for our survival, but is best for our thriving and for authentically living our individual purpose on this earth. If you are working a job that pays your bills, provides a pension and supports a comfortable lifestyle, your survival mechanisms are not going to inform you that your purpose on this earth is to create magic via a completely different path. Leaving university to become a jeweler, quitting your office job to create art, investing all your savings in a start-up business - all of these choices are not made by the logical mind but by a heart on fire, by a whisper deep in the soul of the chooser. And perhaps most miraculously, when embarked upon with conviction these intuitive paths unfold with true alchemy in ways previously unimaginable.

So, what does this have to do with travelling? In the fall of 2015, I had left the world of elementary school teaching and begun a prestigious Masters degree program in counselling psychology. My career path up to this point had been blessed and full, and yet there was a profound voice in my heart guiding me to dive more fully into my spiritual endeavours, in particular my love for teaching yoga. This was not a logical voice, as earning the credential of ‘registered psychologist’ seemed at the time like the smartest choice for a successful future; thus, I was at a standstill, and I prayed for any information that would assist me in making the wisest possible decisions. Pulling tarot cards during the moon ceremonies I held fostered a dialogue with this uncomfortable shift in direction, and I leaned wholeheartedly on this ritual. During a ceremony in October, I pulled the Vision Quest card, which invites one to confront oneself in the context of nature, to get quiet and truly listen to the powerful wisdom at the core of Being. Immediately I knew that my task was solo winter camping, and about two weeks later I drove to Canmore, Alberta and camped for two nights with my dog, some firewood and light snacks (true vision quests do not involve driving, tents, domestic dogs, or food, but I was a beginner and the challenge of sub-zero temperatures was enough to dive into the patterns of my mind). During this quest, I received two clear messages:

  1. The program I was in, while good, was not supporting my most abundant future.
  2. I am to travel, seeking out spiritual teachers from around the world and sharing my learnings with others.
How these messages evolved into my current reality is nothing short of a string of miracles and saying yes to things that did not make sense; nevertheless, here I am, about to embark upon a year of exploration, allowing the adventures of one place lead me to the next. Across continents I will be teaching yoga, connecting with artisans and philanthropists, and learning from spiritual teachers and inspirational creators. From the crevices of cities, villages, oceans and forests, I promise to share the most awe-inspiring learnings with the utmost care and authenticity. Please take heart as I heed this journey. In fact, join me on this journey. My hope is that this quest becomes a bridge, a mode of bringing more ancient ways into our modern realities, and that it may inspire more women to choose their most intuitive path born from a heart on fire.