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Sacred Travels

Ritual of Release

A little more than a month ago, I embarked on a journey to teach yoga in Costa Rica and to connect with artisans in Central America. Before I left, I decided to sell most of what filled my home, taking on what I called a ‘Ritual of Release’. I have spent the last few years nesting, which can also mean accumulating if you’re like me and enjoy beautiful things. While my house was full of goodness, I decided to slim down my trunk of possessions to the most sacred and high-vibing pieces that I had collected from intentional artisans. I hosted a few yard sales and had some friends over, and the process of seeing what had been ‘mine’ become...

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A Quest

I am an avid tarot/oracle card reader. Call these cards hokey, witchy, weird (all of which they can be), but regardless of how they are viewed, they are ceaselessly informative and bring beautiful wisdom to often challenging circumstances. Here is the thing: Our logical minds would like to be functioning at all times. For our survival, linear thinking is king, and as such, our left brain ways happily trump our right brain qualities, such as fluid thinking, non-judgement, and intuition, on a daily basis. We literally need to train our brains to provide us with information that may not be in the best for our survival, but is best for our thriving and for authentically living our individual purpose on this...

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