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Sacred Ceremony

New Moon in Cancer

~ Written by Jana Roemer Artwork by Mystic Mamma  Welcome to Cancer season. This is a time of release and new beginnings.  The Moon is home in Cancer, as Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon (so this is really moony moon ;-) Not only is Cancer home in the moon, but the Cancer moon wants to take care of you and wants YOU to take care of YOU.  Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so we are initiating NEWNESS. We now have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer, so this has the potential to be an emotional time. How can you tend to your own self care in such a way that you can observe your emotions...

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

~ Written by Jana Roemer  ~ Artwork found HERE Sagittarius is the mystic, the truth hunter, the archetype of Artemis. They wield a certain kind of magic and mystery that is unparalleled in the rest of the zodiac. Sagittarians are optimistic, Free-Spirits with a love for socializing, belly-shaking laughter and spontaneous adventure. They tend to be leaders in their communities because of their high levels of integrity while maintaining a mystical magnetism and unassuming charm. Their Humanitarian ways give hope for the future, displayed by how they see life a little differently and a unique way of Being in their communities and the world. They can be fiercely independent and have a way of speaking straight forward truth that people...

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New Moon in Gemini

~ Written by Jana Roemer ~ Art found HERE This new moon is quite interesting. The Moon and the Sun sit in Gemini at 4°. Gemini — the twins. A mutable air sign - it is a time for transformation of the mind.  Gemini is very social, talkative and sometimes known as being a little sh*t disturber ;-). The Twins are sometimes felt as the angel and the devil on your shoulders battling for your attention, and other times felt as the gap between the inner workings of our mind / creative passions vs the outer world expression /  felt need to keep up with society. We are reminded that there are two sides to every story. The Gemini archetype...

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Full Moon in Scorpio // Sun in Taurus

~ Written by Jana Roemer  ~ Art by Hoodwitch Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus Scorpio is a water sign and water can take many forms. When I feel into Scorpio’s waters, they are moving, churning, even boiling. Scorpio is okay with the discomfort needed to cleanse. Surface engagement will never satisfy the Scorpio’s deeper intuitive knowing. They have the uncanny ability to pierce into the hidden truth in most situations and have a way of reading people that cuts through the bullshit quickly.  Scorpio can easily dive into the depths of the darkness to see what is real and ready to be revealed and what needs to be transformed or alchemized. Scorpio recognizes death is part of the...

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Beltane and Spring-time Ceremony

BELTANE CEREMONY | Welcoming the creative and fertile energy of Spring | Beltane represents the time of year when Spring is at Her most fertile, creative and abundant potential. It was traditionally celebrated throughout the Celtic regions in various ways, each form of ceremony honouring the fire and water elements, the presence of flowers, and the over-flowing life energy that is so potent at this time of year.  It is often celebrated on May 1st, but technically represents the time/space exactly in between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice; thus when the Sun is 15* in Taurus. This year that means Beltane is more specifically celebrated May 5th.  Some ancient rituals that have been celebrated for centuries in various ways:  ~...

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