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Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse


~ Written by Jana Roemer 

The longer I study astrology, the more I understand why most people have a hard time being a Human at different times in their lives. It’s not to say that this is necessarily a hard eclipse season for everyone; there are so many factors at play that individualize your relationship and experience with the current astrological weather. When someone is committed to their own personal development, their self-awareness is likely heightened while the different weather patterns come through, yet no one is immune to the influences of these cosmic forces. They are multi-dimensional and manifest in different octaves depending on where the frequency waves land and what is created when they mix with various Human frequencies. We are all here creating and clearing karma constantly, so there is no need to judge the individualized experience. What we can love and appreciate from following along with all these teachings is that they offer us a guide for what to observe within ourSelves, these aspects of our Humanness that we get to work on so our Souls can emerge purely and more compassionately for ourSelves and for those in a season of suffering. It is all a choice and the weather is always changing, so go easy on yourSelf and be extra kind to everyone you meet.

The first three weeks of September are FULL ON! September 1st opens with Mercury already in retrograde (August 30th – September 21st) to welcome this Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse. If that’s not enough right there, Saturn is conjunct Mars stirring up sh*t for some people AND the Neptune/Saturn square that we have been playing in since November 2015 peaks September 10th followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in polar opposite Pisces on September 16th. The good news is for Libras as Jupiter moves into Libra September 9th! {Yeay Libras!} With all these powerful energies, you can cut yourSelf some slack and remind yourSelf that you are not your thoughts and this over-active mental activity flavored with a dash of spicy intensity is in alignment with the Collective Unconscious and in service to your Highest Awakening. That’s not to say ignore the mental chatter, as there is always something to be learned and Virgo is the devoted student – just don’t get caught in a loop of over-critical thought forms. The light side of the detail-oriented Virgo is that they see beyond what the common eye typically sees. There is a deep knowing that can arise through this laser-like eagle vision. It shows up as intuitive knowing that can be so piercing that it can sometimes be missed or dismissed. Remember to pay attention to other Virgo qualities such as truth and integrity. Get to work by organizing yourSelf, your life and your work place. Be in service to the greater good and be open to healing.

With Mercury retrograde contained in his home sign of Virgo until September 21st, have another look over your creations and relations, double check the details, refine and prepare to share as we move through the fall equinox on Sept 22nd. This time is about YOUR healing and YOUR evolutionary vision. Detach enough from your circumstances that you can see the most expanded view of your life. It is a time of change.

{It should be noted that while the dates are specific, all of this will be felt for some time before and afterward}.

The Mars / Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius offers a great energy to get things done. Harness your ability to focus and slice through distractions or all this analytical Virgo chatter could catch some people in a holding pattern. Meditate. Set bit-sized goals and stay on task. The shadow side of this includes anger and aggression. If you see this sneaking in, catch it before it does any damage and catalyze it for creative juice.

While Virgo energy will charge up the intellectual analyzer and get you tending to practical aspects of living, we are moving toward a Pisces Full Moon of creativity, dreams and symbolism where the medicine is flowing embodiment and deep listening. If you are not there yet, do not wait for the full moon to start your embodiment practices, get started now. Emote and allow yourself to feel – cry, scream, kick something (safe), pound your chest, laugh so hard your belly aches, sing, dance, shake, make love, pray, breathe. In her book, My Stroke of Insight, Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor tells us “Although many of us may think of ourselves as thinking creatures that feel, biologically, we are feeling creatures that think.”

Now is the time to listen more than you talk. Once you allow the emotions to move, listen to what your body has to say. Take time to quiet down and check in with your TRUTH and align with your personal integrity. Have you compromised any of your personal values in order to keep the peace? Now is the time to get clear and realign. It is a time of personal sovereignty where listening to your internal compass surpasses the weight of external influences.

Tap into the organizing qualities of Virgo and practice Saucha, purification, to clean out the clutter. Physical integrity is important to build clarity and peace of mind. Right relationships are important to activate your Dharma (your grand purpose in life). Revisit boundaries. Clean house. Let go of people, belongings, low-vibrational habits, harmful thought patterns, and old paradigm belief systems. Examine your attachments and ask if they are truly serving you? Can you loosen your grip to restore integrity and allow others to find their flow? Reorganize. Step on your path with conviction and without apology. What you begin now will continue to build steam for the next couple weeks over the course of this eclipse season. What is set in motion here will continue to play out over the next six months. Hold the Highest vision. Your thoughts are creating new realities.

This new moon is precariously placed in a tight opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which is triggering a T-Square with Saturn {and less significantly Mars too}. I truly believe we are evolving into a psychic society, and the Neptune-Saturn square is of particular interest to me as this transit cycle began in 1989 and completes fully in 2020. The Saturn-Neptune square is about dissolving boundaries and creating new realities. The world-wide-web was born in late 1989 and that was the same year the first consumer dial-up service was offered to the public. If this cycle kicked off computer telepathy, I’m hoping the next cycle kicks off human telepathy en masse, or at least for those who are ready for it.

It was also in 1989 that the Berlin wall came down, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the abolition of the Apartheid in South Africa. Talk about dissolving boundaries / ending suppression!

This most recent sequence of Saturn / Neptune squares is likely more relevant for you: What was happening in your life around November 26th, 2015? Then again with both planets in retrograde they squared up on June 17th, 2016? Now we are approaching this final one on Sept 10th. This running theme for you has the potential to come to completion now. After this square, the next Saturn-Neptune transit is a much easier to navigate.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, it is a good time to check in with your belief systems and the Source from which your passion is born and build on that. In his light, Neptune, at home in his kingdom from 2012 – 2025, can be incredibly tapped into the invisible and psychic realms, the creative and innovative worlds. In his shadow, can be easily tempered and caught in delusion. With such powerful intuitive capacities, there are times that the Pisces / Neptune archetypes are convinced their imagination is real and there is no telling them otherwise until they figure it out for themselves. Don’t get caught in the shadows. Are you being lied to anywhere? Have you chosen to see something to fit your fantasy rather than root yourself in reality? It is a good time to see beyond the veil and experience a reveal-ation into truth. Be willing. This same square can offer you visions of what is to come – Hold yourself to the Highest.


The ceremony for Virgo is practical.

Set your space: Candles, pleasing music, incense, your favorite mug of tea, a pen and your journal.

Stand up and shake your body. Hard. Until your breathing becomes labored, hair is messy and perhaps even break a sweat.

Sit down, close your eyes and watch your breath. Once your breath settles back to a normal pattern, place your right index and middle finger together at your third eye point, use your thumb to softly close your right nostril and breathe in through your left nostril. Pause at the peak of your inhale, use your ring finger to softly close your left nostril and exhale right. Pause. Breath in through your right nostril. Pause. Plug your right nostril with your thumb and open the left nostril to exhale. That is one round of Nadi Shodhana breath. The nostril always changes as you initiate the exhale. Do five rounds total then rest your hands on your thighs or in your lap and observe your natural breath pattern and your energetic field. Sit for twice as long as it took you to complete the five rounds of Nadi Shodhana (approx. 3-4 minutes).

In your journal:

Make yourself a little pie chart and in the pieces of pie write down the 8 most valuable areas of your life along the edges and then rate yourself in how you are doing in each of the eight areas. This will help you to understand where you need to place your attention.

Once that is complete, make another little chart like this:


1 Month

6 Months

1 Year



















Write yourself an action list with the ten most important tasks you complete this month. Anything that hasn’t been attended to or completed in the last 12 month cycle – NOW is the time to get it done.











Finally, reset your altar. Put on your altar anything that will help you remember what you are set out to do this month. Vision board pictures, family, inspiration, teachers, stones, cards, a love note to yourself - everything is possible!

Now, put on your favourite song, do a little dance and get excited about what’s to come! This month is going to be productive and liberating!

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  • Kaitee

    Beautifully written Jana! Will be doing these exercises. This retrograde & crazy energy is hitting extra hard for me… Xoxo

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