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Our elders say that ceremonies are the way that we remember to remember

~ Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer

The foundation of Gather Sacred is ceremony. I was experiencing a time of destruction, a time when everything was falling away to make space for a new path; however, the direction this newness would take remained a mystery. Through creating ritual, holding ceremony and connecting to the moon, the earth, my body, and my intuition, I had a vision of what was to become Gather Sacred during a meditation. How it was to unfold was up to a power greater than I, and my prayers were simply that all of my decisions might lead to this vision. While I knew Gather Sacred would be a curated space for all things sacred and beautiful, as well as a space for spiritual education, it only took the form of a global community after a trip to India to teach yoga.

It was in the spiritual centre of Rishikesh that I met Kiran, an inspiring entrepreneur and mother, who was designing vintage bags and supporting her home village despite the many barriers standing in her way. The desire to connect Kiran’s work with creations of artisans from around the world evolved from the same Source as the original idea. The inspirations began to stir, and I began to wonder about the rituals that lead to creativity, manifestation and connection to life. My heart lit up with the notion of discovering the rituals of all creative women, whether they are artists, mothers, spiritual seekers, or entrepreneurs. It is now my task to surrender in ceremony, to continue to listen to the guiding Source of it all. 

The path that is unfolding is exciting, delightful, heart-expanding, and terrifying all at once, and it is fuelled by a calling deeper than the logical mind. It is my sincerest hope that you find inspiration, education and solace with this community of women, and that you too may be moved to listen to the quiet voice imploring you to embark upon those hard and holy things.

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