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Sacred Rose Medicine

~ Written by Erin Foley

Rose Medicine

~ Art by Tina Marie Elena found HERE 

We live in a world where miracles are weaved into our everyday experience. Pachamama, Madre Tierra, Mother Nature - use whatever name you connect to the most, this cosmic mother nurtures us in her abundant womb, showering us with constant gifts. The intricate connection between human and land is undeniable. Each ecstatic breath of potent magic we experience in this life is because she lovingly facilitates our existence. The teachings of our ancestors and of many indigenous cultures echo the importance of a reciprical relationship between human and Earth. They recognize something the modern word seems to have forgotten; the symbiotic relationship between human and land is so very necessary, not only for our survival - but for our ability to truly, deeply, fully THRIVE. Each day, more cement is laid upon her skin to separate ourselves from Her enriching breath. Luckily, our generous Mother continues to unconditionally love us as the signs of her cosmic love still flourish around us. To reinvigorate our decaying relationship with the Earth is to reclaim the parts of ourselves that we have forgotten, shamed, and cast aside as well. She is here, waiting for us to awaken to her infinite love by using the medicine that she so graciously places before us.

The Earth laughs in flowers. She creates each individual blossom as a unique expression of her love - enchanting every petal with a subtle, yet powerful energy that has the capacity to heal the body on a deeply emotional and psychospiritual level. We live in an intense day in age - where we are often marketed + successfully sold herbal blends, supplements, and superfoods that claim to be the most powerful, potent, and fast-acting on the market. I am all for potency, but perhaps of a different kind. When we look for the most intense experience of anything; whether it’s a relationship, experience, or medicine - we miss the subtle layers of magic that may actually guide us to where we wanted to be all along. Plant magic contains many layers of energetic + spiritual elements that synergize to create a healing potion. Flowers are here to remind us to soften, to curve back within ourselves. Their medicine teaches the importance of healing from the inside out - honoring every current of emotion, desire, and mental pattern that flows within us as something that must be fully loved and embraced.

Flower medicine is often captured in the form of an essence. The fresh blossoms are placed within water and laid out into the Sun for a prescribed amount of hours. During this time, the flowers imprint the water with their uniquely vibrational medicine or ‘essence’. Many ancient texts speak about the joy of rising with dawn to sip the fresh morning dew from the petals of flowers. As we transition into a time where much of our gratification and pleasure is placed on external sources, I believe we’ve never needed the teachings of these precious beings more. If we allow ourselves to be guided, we can connect with the subtle power of these spirits who devotionally give their life so we may know and love ourselves more deeply.

No woman’s life is complete without an intimate encounter with Rose. Her soft feminine grace is a medicinal elixir for the soul to soothe the wounds of a hyper masculine, backwards society. Every moment of receptivity, grace, and vulnerability is a brave CHOICE to combat the dark, aggressive energy of patriarchally programmed behavior. Rose teaches us that resting in receptivity and trust is a REVOLUTIONARY act that can dismantle the oppression of the feminine in modern society. Rose softly nurses the heart back into radiance and heals past trauma of inability to fully trust or receive at the emotional level. Not only does she work her magic on the subtle spiritual layers, but she also touches the physical body by realigning and balancing the female hormones with her energy. Rose carefully reestablishes a synergistic intercourse  between the two major female sex hormones in the body, estrogen and progesterone. Through continued use of her medicine, she restores the integrity of cells that have been damaged by emotional, environmental, and synthetic toxins that have disrupted the natural equilibrium of hormones within the body. She mentors us with an ancient feminine wisdom, reminding us that harnessing the power of the physical body translates to more potent, palpable magic at the spiritual and emotional levels as well.

Rose Essence Ritual -

This ritual should be performed in front of your sacred altar of items that reconnect you with the abundant magic of your life.

Items Needed:

  • Rose Flower Essence
  • Blanket / Pillow / Yoga Mat

Rest your body in front of your altar. Hips should be grounded evenly upon the Earth as you allow your body to come into a comfortable shape. Guide one hand to your heart space and one hand to your womb, the space just below your navel. Allow both of your hands to gently rest upon your skin as your breathe deeply, relaxing into intimacy with yourself. Breathe as long as needed for the shoulders to fully relax, the face to soften, and the mind to still.

Bring the Rose Flower Essence to your heart or womb, whichever feels right for you. Begin to breathe deeply with her as you set the intention of opening to receive her medicine.  Feel the surrender spread throughout your cells as you attune yourself to her offering. Communicate your gratitude, love, and deepest thanks for the devotional gift of her essence. When we give thanks to plants our gratitude strengthens the energetic bond between human and land, increasing the potency of the medicine. When you’re ready, take 10 - 20 drops of her medicine underneath your tongue, close the eyes and rest in stillness for 5 - 10 breaths. Eventually, you can slowly make your way down to the floor as you allow your entire body to rest, using whatever props (blankets, pillows) you need to feel comfortable. Lay down with one hand on the heart, one hand on the womb, and breathe in the medicine of Rose. Keep special attention to the subtle sensations of energy moving as you surrender fully to the teachings she has to show you. This ritual will end when it needs to. Listen to yourself, listen to Rose, and allow yourself to journey fully into the magical, feminine world that she originates from.

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