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New Moon in Libra ~ Black Moon


This New Moon in Libra is about relationships, new ideas, justice, balance and community. Libra is diplomatic, social and has a gift for creating beauty. She is a peacekeeper and inspires harmony in relationships. She also desires fairness, justice and balance. You can see it in her symbol – she holds the scales. She wants everyone to win. She shapes cultures. She is ruled by the planet Venus and is the ruler of the Heart Chakra. She is a Lover.

Libra experiences, or perceives, life through relationships. Libra reminds us that what we see in the world is a reflection of our internal landscapes. We can make ourselves more available to relationships by lightening our own internal load so we can actually see and listen beyond the busy-ness of our own minds. Otherwise, we tend to project our own experience onto others, seeing them as we are, rather than as they are.

Two of the most important and intimate relationships in your entire life are the one you have with yourself and the one you have with Spirit.  How well do you know yourSelf? How often do you pause to have conversations with God(dess)? Do you find yourself in a cycle of pleasing others or living up to other’s expectations more than satisfying your inner yearnings? Are you kind to yourSelf? Do you have patience, forgiveness and love for yourSelf? Do you offer yourSelf in service to the ONE?

** It is noteworthy to mention that while Libra seeks balance, it is likely not something that comes naturally – rather something that Libras seek to achieve. The pendulum often swings before balance is restored.

In looking at the chart for the new moon at 5:11 / 5:12pm PST on Friday, September 30th – you can see the Sun and Moon sit at 8* of Libra, conjunct Jupiter with a square to both Mars and Pluto - sextile Saturn. To further flavor the influences, both Pluto and Mars are in their own conversation with revolutionary Uranus in Aries. Much can shift in a short period, the emptier you allow yourself to become. Add to that, Paramatma Siri Sadhana teaches that the seeds planted during a New Moon after eclipse season are especially potent. What are you putting into motion now that you are empty?

I’ll break this all down.

Jupiter conjunct this Libra Sun and New Moon is not only expanding the effect of this new moon, it is also kicking off Jupiter’s transit through Libra for the next year. Jupiter is a favorable planet, however, we have to get involved to harness Jupiter’s generous energy – this is especially important for all you Libras out there.

Let me explain: Jupiter is the Guru planet. He is the heaviest and biggest planet in our solar system. Earth fits inside Jupiter 1300 times!

Here’s the thing: Jupiter doesn’t work unless you do. He doesn’t give out free rides. Jupiter RESPONDS to your work and leaves you alone if you don’t put forth the effort. He responds with expansion, High teachings, beautiful wisdom and abundance. It is worth every moment of your time to set yourSelf up for this new cycle (this is a one year cycle that kicks off at the same time as the next nine year cycle previously mentioned).  Jupiter years can be some of the best years of your life and set you up or determine the trajectory for the next twelve years (another cycle that kicks off the year Jupiter transits your sun sign). The shadow side of a Jupiter-Sun transit year is that sometimes people take on too much during the Jupiter transit, so pay attention to the rest of this reading to help you get clear and establish healthy boundaries ;-)

Pluto is busy. He has spent the last five and almost a half months traveling retrograde, slightly suppressed in his mission and is now free. Pluto is powerful. Pluto stations direct at 15*’s Capricorn and moves very slowly. This degree carries a similar vibe to the dark Goddess Kali. She’s fierce. She destroys, yet her destruction isn’t fickle. She is destroying anything that stands in the way of your Dharma or Highest Purpose. She destroys to protect. She destroys the way a forest fire burns down trees so new growth can come in and be fertilized by the ash. She destroys out of pure unconditional love.

Pluto is sextile both Venus and Neptune who are in a trine with each other. Mercury sits trine Pluto asking you to pan out to see your whole life at a glance, while deepening the communication both internally and with Spirit. The specific degree of Venus in Scorpio is about building the courage and strength to re-write your relationship to yourSelf. Use the Pluto energy to destroy the un/sub-conscious belief system of self-rejection or lack of belief in yourSelf, opening up a huge opportunity to get over yourself! To do this, you have to let yourSelf feel the pain. Let it burn until the fire breaks it down to nothing – not truth nor lies, nothing left. Leaving you an empty garden to let the most ancient, dormant seeds of your own greatness germinate within. It’s all met by Watery Neptune in his home sign, Pisces, adding a churning sea of emotion to this conversation, bringing you to your knees, begging your Spirit and Creator to reveal your purpose or the next move on your path. They are all conspiring to help you focus on the most important vision. When was the last time you got in an emotional convo with your soul? “TELL MEEEEE!!!” “WWWWHHYYYYYY?!?!?!” Spend time by yourself and let yourself feel, let it all in and then listen with this energy in motion cursing through your system. What is there when you call for answers? Listen with every cell in your body.

Remember: New Moons are times of heightened intuition while the veil is a little thinner than other moon phases. It is time to listen.


Jupiter expands | Saturn contracts  ~ together they bring balance.

This sextile between Saturn and the Sun + Moon will help you to be clear on what is yours and what is someone else’s. Don’t let yourself get emotional about other people’s stuff. Don’t make other people’s stuff about you! How annoying is it when you are sharing your story with a friend or family member and they some how make it about them, robbing you of your experience to tend to their sensitivities? Or when you just need to cry and your partner or friend goes into ‘fix it’ mode. Sometimes we need the space to feel, and it is by allowing ourselves the space to crumble that we can tap into that new found wisdom or water the ancient seeds of your mind garden. Learn to hold space for others to have their experience. Witness their process without adding anything to it or taking anything from it. In turn you will teach yourself to do the same for you. Allowing it all to flood through is purifying and brilliant. Having a safe container to do so helps.

Uranus, square Pluto, trine Mars is asking us to forget who we have been and step into the great unknown to discover who we are becoming. This can make way for an octave jump in who you know yourself to be, bringing new clarity and possibilities to the surface. The transformation is supported!

Moon + Sun square Mars in Capricorn and Mercury opposite Chiron both have their own way about clearing out old karmas by facing your oldest, deepest wounds. Where in the past you would have run away - and maybe you want to now too – choose to stay anyway. Choose to look at it. Choose to heal, even just a small part of it. It’s time to incorporate the OTHER in how you operate and show up in the world.

The Sabien Symbol of 8* Libra is a Vast Junkyard. Looking at this, I see us standing on the edge of a giant junkyard that has a vacuum waiting for us to throw out anything that we feel like we “should” do, or once upon a time promised to do or dreamed up when we were different than we are now. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to have fallen or broken dreams. It’s okay to say, “that was then, this is now. I am different and what was once important to me, no longer is.” Cut your losses and release the old dream into this Cosmic junkyard. Trust that if it is meant to be, it will resurface.  Sometimes the overwhelm of life comes from continuing to carry the broken promises, or the memory of a broken dream, or the expectation of something that was imagined before you knew what you know now. You are an evolving creature. If it no longer fits, dump it! Give yourSelf permission to kill some projects so you can focus your creative energy on what is important NOW.

New Moon Ritual:

Set yourself up in a quiet space. Let the people in your home know that you would like some quiet time or have them join you.

Create an altar with crystals, cards, pictures of ones you love, anything that can represent what you are calling in this lunar cycle. Gather a journal and a pen. If you haven’t already done so, read this new moon report.

Sit tall, close your eyes and watch your breath come and go for about 5-10 minutes.

If you have tarot or oracle cards you can pull one to glean wisdom for this next cycle and then place that card on your altar.

I heard a story recently of a company that started giving out more vacation time and financial bonuses to people who announced that they were going to ‘kill’ a project. At the company monthly meeting, people would go up and name a project that just wasn’t working out and announce that they were going to stop putting energy and resources into it. The company found that the more projects that were killed, the more efficient they could be at the ones they chose to keep!

Begin to reflect through all the ideas, dreams, expectations that you have held onto that have yet to come to fruition. Look at each one and start to reward yourself for choosing to let them go. Read this next visualization and then in a moment once you are clear on what you are letting go, close your eyes and do it!

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of the world with an opportunity to chuck out your old baggage or outdated ideas and lightening your load! I’m seeing this image of someone spinning around a couple times before releasing the baggage like a an Olympic discus thrower. The moment it is released to outer space never to be seen again, their head back tips back and laughter echoes at the freedom that comes with the release. Phew! YES!!

You should feel good about this!

Now that you are more empty and free – make some new intentions for this next lunar cycle, 6 months out and a full year out. Let the words be emotional, have meaning and full of imagination of how the journey feels!

Once that is done, you can place the intention list on your altar, between your mattresses or wherever you feel will enhance your experience with them. Once you place it, tap the corner and say “And so it is. And so it is. And so it is!”

Love you Moon Lovers!

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  • Michelle

    Thank you! Awesome time to release and love yourSelf! Something I truly need! Blessings!

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