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New Moon in Leo

Moon Wisdom by Jana Roemer 

Leo New Moon ~ August 2nd 1:45pm PST 

Ruled by the Sun, Leo works to illuminate your essence as you integrate back into wholeness. The Sun illuminates everything in its path, this cycle it is likely you will enjoy creative inner refinements to align with your personal integrity. When the sun cycles through Leo, you get to see what lives underneath societal conditioning and childhood programming and are encouraged to penetrate right through it all by radiating from your own unique, courageous and playful heart. It is time for you to SHINE!

With every up and down, suffering and joy, you sit in a potent basin of opportunity to expand the center of your life’s playing field. The ones who are willing to stand in the fire and embrace the reality of your existence whether you like it or not, are developing greater capacity to be comfortable in the discomfort. You build resilience to stick around and feel the things you may have run from in the past. There is an enormous amount of information within these uncomfortable feeling tones. Often when you choose to stay and feel, rather than run, you find that it isn’t as bad as your imagination created it to be. You get to know yourself in new ways and an authentic confidence springs forth. When you stay without reacting, in an instant you can re-program your sub-conscious mind, in turn shifting your perceptions. Be extra mindful about how you choose to communicate over the weekend leading up to the New Moon. There may be some Divinely placed triggers to show you what you're working with, stay high. Use any triggers to stoke your alchemic fire. This is a returning of the light.

The Universe has been serving up experiences to bring about egoic deaths, along with last lunar cycle’s emotional ride to show you all the places you need to give yourSelf love. While it might not be as emotional this lunar cycle with six planets in fire signs – it is time to alchemize the poison into the cure. Keep on with the self love and self care practices that were extra necessary last lunar cycle. Continue to conjure forth the courage to fearlessly love yourself and tend to your playful heart. This cycle is all about inner illumination of your revolutionary path and purpose. There may be similarities to a younger you, yet inside this year of transformation, your understanding of Self brings refinements and if you are looking, you will likely discover something completely new about yourSelf! Be willing to let go of the ways you have embodied this life to impress or satisfy other’s expectations or projections on you. You have no idea how freeing it is until you commit to letting it go!

 Let go. There is much less suffering when you choose to let go on your own terms rather than someone else’s.

Change your habits. Establish a new morning routine that supports your journey into the unknown. Meditate daily. Maintain the humility cultivated in these past few cycles and ask yourSelf “WHY?” you are doing what you do and what motivates you? Ask why with the same naïve inquisitive nature of your two year old Self: knowing nothing, asking from an honest curiosity to understand the world.

As this new understanding of Self filters in hold it close to your center, like a pregnant mama in her first trimester. Something so romantic and creative and wonderful is building and only she knows about it (well, perhaps her co-creator too). As she nourishes her tiny first trimester baby, the baby grows until it is impossible to keep it a secret any longer. Let that be a metaphor for how you care for your strokes of insight and revolutionary inner world. It is definitely time for us each to be reborn into our essential truth and show up in the world with even more purpose in service to the collective. What’s your mission? What are you creating? How are you here to serve?


 Set yourself up in sacred space:

  • Let the ones you live with know what you are up to – have them join you or respectfully give you space
  • Gather your journal, an extra piece of blank paper and a pen
  • Create an altar with symbolic items that you would like to bring into your ritual (images, feathers, stones, crystals, essential oils, sacred items, etc.)
  • Clear the room by lighting a candle and burning sage, sweet grass, frankincense resin or palo santo (or something similar).
  • Set yourSelf up comfortably, even luxuriously.
  • Sit tall, close your eyes and ask yourSelf the question “Who am I?” Sit in the silence that follows that question and welcome 11 nourishing breaths deep into your vessel. Receive each breath with a sense of curiousity to know yourSelf through feeling and listening to your bodymind.
  • Joseph Campbell is famous for the following quote:

“Follow your bliss.

If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open the doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else.”

  • In your journal:
    • Write down ten things you love about yourSelf. They can be point form, first things that come to mind.
    • Turn the page and write ten things you love doing
    • On a fresh piece of paper, write down five things that are either draining you, or you are agreeing to that you don’t want to do (you can burn this paper afterward as you say good-bye to these habits or relationships).
    • Write down at least three self-designed positive affirmation that will empower you to step away from those things that don’t feel good. {Example: If it’s not a heck YES! It’s a heck NO!}
    • Write these affirmations on a piece of paper, make them pretty and post them in a place you look at every day: The mirror where you brush your teeth, the dash of your car, on your coffee maker, etc.
    • On the journey to be your best self, become more aware of how your habits affect you and alter them as you see fit. One of the most potent times of day to do ritual is first thing in the morning when you wake up, yet many people wake up and look at their device straight away. This lunar cycle, create a simple morning ritual to set the tone for your day. Perhaps get an old school alarm clock rather than keeping your device in your room. Upon waking, do an 11 minute meditation or gratitude practice, or you may want to create something of your own design. Whatever you choose, know that this one conscious act in the morning can shift your whole entire day. If this lunar cycle is a journey back to wholeness, what are you doing to embrace this energy and bolster your opportunity to know yourself more clearly?

It is significant to note that there are some important energy shifts this lunar cycle:

~ Uranus goes retrograde on Friday, July 29th until December 29th
~ Mercury moves into earthy Virgo Saturday, July 30th 
~ Mars crosses from Scorpio to Sagittarius the same day as the New Moon, August 2nd 1:45pm PST
~ Venus moves from Leo to Virgo Friday, August 5th 
~ Saturn goes direct Saturday, August 13th
~ Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 18th
~ Mars completes his retrograde cycle as he traverses where he began at 9* Sagittarius on August 21st
~ And right before the next new moon, Mercury slides back into a retrograde cycle on August 30th

Much love to all of you Moon Mavens!

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