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New Moon in Cancer ~ Written by Jana Roemer

A New Moon in Cancer represents your Mother relationship, home and family. She represents intimacy, feelings, moods, safety and security. She illuminates early childhood conditioning, growth, empathy and vulnerability. She helps us become aware of our own feelings and sensitive to the feelings of others. She asks us how well we are able to support to others and receive support from others. There is tenderness in these waters because of the way the Cancer New Moon nurtures.

This is the essence of this new moon, yet the pathway is through the shadows as Pluto ‘the Power House’ sits in Capricorn opposite the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer. Pluto teaches us about power. Death and rebirth. Transformation. With Pluto in Capricorn, familiar and comfortable structures are crumbling, leaving us no choice but to build new. Neptune is trining all the same planets giving us the support we need to elevate whatever hardship or shadow you are facing. Within every emotional experience, rather than saying “Why me?” Ask “What is this here to teach me? How can I learn? How is this connecting me to my Highest? How is this experiencing helping me awaken?”

All these planets in Cancer are activating the Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn that has been making transformational power plays since 2012. We have freshly completed a tumultuous time with Mars in retrograde (he’s direct as of Wednesday, Jun e29th) and Venus is on her Journey to the Underworld leaving us feeling cut of from the feminine peace keepe until mid-July.

Pluto opposite the sun will have you facing the reality of how you have been embodying the shadowy aspects or less desirable traits of your personality. You are now being asked to step up or suffer which will shift how you identify with yourself either way. Transformation is here, what part of your personality do you wish to strengthen? Because Pluto is opposite both the Sun and the moon, both mother and father relationships may be illuminated and agitated. This can bring up controlling, jealous or territorial behavior. It can surface feelings of abandonment, have you questioning your lovability and self worth and in turn, activate fear around letting go and surrender. It is time to give yourself the love you felt you needed from your parents but didn’t get. Pluto opposite the moon will put you in the face of whatever challenge is necessary for your emotional rebirth.

With Pluto opposite Mercury in Cancer, it might be wise to make like Cancer the crab and pull back into your shell and spend some time with your heart and tears in your journal or a soak in a hot bathtub with Epsom salts and your favourite essential oil before communicating with the outside world. This intensity is hitting so many areas of your life, until you are clear and actually in your softest, peaceful power, sit with what is moving until the charge dissipates.

Pluto opposite Venus gives you no choice but to uncover a new layer in your life. Divorce, separation, fast new relationships or mega transformations within relationships are the result of this transit. Let go of destructive, unhealthy or codependent relationships, resistance only makes whatever is naturally dying a more painful experience. You are being schooled in the art of letting go, at least enough to give the people in your life enough room to find themselves.

Ultimately, we are all being schooled in our emotional intelligence. Our emotional landscape is maturing both individually and collectively. We are at a time in evolution that we need people stepping up to take care of themSelves, we need people who are steady, grounded and soft in their power to be in service to society and blaze the way for a new way to walk this earth. The only way to build new structures is to burn through and destroy the old. We have to go through it as individuals to get there as a collective. 

Remember, astrological weather is the collective Unconscious. Be compassionate. We are all feeling it in our own way. Let yourself be light.

A simple ceremony for this new moon in Cancer:


Clear time and space in your day. Let the people you live with know that you would like to spend some uninterrupted time with yourself.

If you would like to set an altar up, choose a few sacred items to set out. Examples: a crystal, a picture of a loved one or teacher, incense, a feather, a candle.


Sit tall and close your eyes

Acknowledge yourself as a woman, a nurturer, a woman who feels deeply.

For a few minutes allow yourself to feel into your body.

What is your dominant emotion? What do you feel inside? Where does that feeling or emotion come from in your body?

What have you been seeking from an outside source that you’re not getting? How can you give that to yourself?

How can you nurture yourself? Tend to your own heart? Show yourself more love?

Write down at least five things that you can do to nurture and love yourself.


Enjoy a hot bath with Epsom salts and your favourite essential oil. Light some candles, put on soothing music and enjoy your own company.

Once you are out, indulge by rubbing a warm simple oil into your body. A little goes a long way. As you rub the warm oil into your body repeat over and over “I love you, I love you, I love you.” And repeat it as many times as necessary for you to mean it.

Before you close the ritual, write down your intentions for this lunar cycle.

Start it with something like: “I easefully and gracefully find myself….” Try to use emotions and feelings to describe what you are calling in rather than physical or material traits. Tap into the Spiritual reason you are seeking this manifestation.

 In time you will see how quickly your new moon manifestation come to life. Perhaps not in the timeline you desire or in the image you originally see, but the Universe always has something in store for us when we ask.


You are so loved. You are so blessed. Thank you for attuning to the Moon with us.


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