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New Moon in Cancer

~ Written by Jana Roemer

New Moon Cancer

Artwork by Mystic Mamma 

Welcome to Cancer season. This is a time of release and new beginnings. 

The Moon is home in Cancer, as Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon (so this is really moony moon ;-)

Not only is Cancer home in the moon, but the Cancer moon wants to take care of you and wants YOU to take care of YOU. 

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so we are initiating NEWNESS. We now have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer, so this has the potential to be an emotional time. How can you tend to your own self care in such a way that you can observe your emotions and soak up the wisdom they bring rather than going for a rollercoaster ride?

This is a time to listen for a new way to relate to our emotions and ourselves, it is a time to listen for a new way of communicating with both the 3D world and our invisible support systems AND a new way to be in the world. There is a new way to express our passions, a new way to wage our wars (maybe it’s not war at all), a new way to evoke change. We are changing. Gemini Season stirred up a LOT for many of us. We were given insight into how we show up that is not necessarily aligned with our own hearts and where we seek outside of ourSelves for validation and love. Now we are being shown how to love and nurture ourSelves.

We are being shown how to use our minds to build stability and power. We are being shown how to use our emotions as a guiding system. We are being asked to elevate into a refined quality of intuition to guide us into taking that leap to share our greater life message. Each and everyone of you has a message, a reason, a purpose to live. We have to release the systems we were raised in and allow ourSelves to trust our FLOW. We are being asked to let go of perceptions, expectations, beliefs, and even our ways of doing life in order to make room for magic to guide our interactions and creations. The world is changing quickly -- are you allowing yourSelf to change with it? OR are you holding on to the old way, the way that is comfortable and safe? Are you making excuses as to WHY you aren’t able to evolve, waiting on some outside source to give you that nudge? Or are you self empowering to take those steps necessary to up your game? It is time to learn how to nurture yourSelf and take care of yourSelf as you push off from the shore that you have trusted and held on to for long enough. The transformation that is taking place requires that we all let go and trust something different. To trust yourSelf and your Intuition. We are being guided by something unexplainable, only realized through quiet listening and subtle sensory awareness. This is the same guiding system as the birds hear when it is time to fly south for the winter, that the whales hear as they make their journey across the oceans and the bees hear when it is time to participate in the pollination of fruit and flowers. We are also being informed by this Higher Guiding Force. And it is time, NOW to listen. Some have called this the Goddess. The Great Mother of us all. How ever you interpret this Higher Intuitive Guiding System — listen up. 

See, what happens when you settle into a genuine Self Love and contentment of who you are and why you came, is that your internal world gets really quiet. There is no longing, searching, needing of anything because it is abundantly apparent that you are held by the Universe and you trust that you are capable of ANYTHING. Self Love brings with it a Faith that lets your nervous system let down enough that you can start to listen to this Universal Intelligence. You get out of your own way. And once you are out of your own way and in a healthy loving relationship with yourSelf, you can hear, see and feel the rest of the world. The love spills over and there is enough for everyone. Once we truly love and can take care of ourSelves, we get to be the Human incarnate of God / Goddess and take care of each other.

Pluto trine Venus allows us to enjoy the Highest Creative experiences that LOVE can bring. It comes from empathetic listening with a keen perceptive quality that inspires socially provocative expressions of creativity. Something, a system, a belief, a collectively shared opinion can be wiped out in an instant with the right poignant expression. It is honoring the natural life cycles which include death and rebirth as well as new life and survival. Transformative statements shared through this lunar cycle can be highly beneficial for shifting collective belief systems. Be bold and put your message out there. 

Mars trine Neptune is asking us to dream bigger when it comes to contemplating how our work affects the world. As we land in a comfortable seat of Self Love, we exist in abundance consciousness and we CAN serve. How can you take your passion and expand or extend it out into the greater community and world around you?

In it’s higher octaves, this is a time of great understanding and enhanced listening. Spend time with someone who could use some love and really listen to them. Make some sandwiches and grab a couple bottles of water and go share a meal with some of the homeless in your neighbourhood. Ask them to tell you about their life or how you could help them. Sit with someone of a different race or socioeconomic status than your own and ask them how you could be a better ally. 

Jupiter square Mars is suggesting that discipline of your physical and intellectual resources is essential. Take time to plan your day, your week and even this entire lunar cycle out so that you can be efficient. Your hard work will pay off. Define your objectives, get behind your cause with your whole heart and gather your team mates. Yet also make sure have time for rest and recovery in this disciplined schedule as it is often in your rest time that you’ll received the greatest insights. 

Plus all the usual. Bigger aspects of this year are in affect, so we are being shaken to awaken, systems are crumbling so we can rebuild. It is important that we do our daily work so we have a say in what’s to come. 


Set up your sacred space. Light candles, burn incense, cleanse with sacred plants (sage, palo Santo, frankincense, etc.) Put some mantra on to clear the sound current in the air. Call in your Highest and Best and connect with something much bigger then yourSelf.

Spend a moment with your breath:

If you have a couple blocks or a bolster, set yourself up in a very gentle and restorative heart opener. Place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart. First observe your breath and see the pattern that is present. Once you have had a chance to listen, begin a three part breath pattern where you breathe into your belly first, then your mid-body and then fill up to the top of your lungs under your collar bones. Then allow the breath to slide out naturally. Continue like this until you feel your internal waters settle. 

Once you are settled, write down what you are ready to release. If there are tears that flow, let them land on the page and smudge the letters. If there are no tears, sprinkle some water on the page and let it dissolve the words. 


On a new piece of paper, at the top write ”This or something better for all involve.” You’ll then write down 11 or so things that you are calling into reality including how you will care for yourSelf and love yourSelf. Begin each intention / manifesto with: “I gracefully find myself…” The language that follows is positive, in the present moment and full of feeling / emotional cues.

Once the list is done, speak them out loud as well. Upon completion, tap your paper three times and say “And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.”

Spend 5 - 10 minutes or more in quiet meditation listening to your inner voice on how to bring this to life.

Run yourSelf a hot bath with epsom salts and you favourite essential oils (I recommend Myrtle to help sooth the emotions) and candles. Breathe that three part yogic breath and immerse yourself so only your nose and mouth are above the surface and make sounds. “Om” is a great place to start and then you can just let the sounds move into a toning experience. Enjoy yourself. 

Thank Spirit, thank the moon, thank all that is great in your life and then thank your challenges. Remember, we are here to serve. To make this world a better place and it all starts by you loving you. Make time for it. It is worth every second.

Sending you so much love ~


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