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Full Moon in Taurus

Written by Jana Roemer 

Cosmic Collage

Artist Unknown

This full moon, SUPER moon in Taurus is perfectly timed and the exact medicine we need NOW. The full moon is a peak moment for what as started on the previous new moon, as well as a time to check in with our progress. The sun is still in Scorpio ~ the healer, the Alchemist, the Shaman or as I wrote in the last new moon report – the mysterious and passionate artist who wields a type of power that comes from allowing their emotions to churn, hidden inside which eventually brings about transformation and change through exquisite expression. Scorpio season always churns up the underbelly just enough that we welcome this full moon with open arms. This Scorpion energy is still primary and very active, the moon flavors the mood of Scorpion season. 

The MOON sits in opposition to the sun in ultra-earthy Taurus who is ruled by Venus, the peacemaker. We are being asked us to plant our (heavy) hearts on the earth, get IN our bodies and ground. Find your inner home of peace and open yourSelf to LOVE. Fear has definitely been activated in the collective consciousness and the medicine for fear is LOVE. Fear cannot thrive in an environment filled with love. Taurus is a romantic lover. Taurus nourishes. Taurus is traditional. Taurus is an artist and a creative. Taurus is a healer when in His higher octaves. Taurus is determined and powerful! Taurus brings stability and will power. Mix this with the emotional dark passionate Scorpio and a Super moon and we can see that this moon will be emotional. This is a good thing. Collectively, we need to emote and recalibrate.

Part of the medicine of this moon is acceptance of this crazy wild ride we all need to buckle up for because of who just won the US Presidential election. Acceptance does not mean to sit back and do nothing. Acceptance means look at this reality, really look at it. This is not the time to hide or stick your head in the sand. We are going to truly need everyone we can working for the light. Gather yourself, your people, get clear and grounded in your heart and figure out what you are going to do. Figure out how you are going to heal yourSelf, ground yourSelf and get yourSelf in a heart centred place so you can RISE UP! This is a monumental time in his(her)story get out into the world and do your community work. How you are going to contribute to this world? This is a time of Sacred Activism. Sacred Activism includes the yogis, the meditators, the healers, the artists, the storytellers, the musicians, the change makers. . .  we are the ones who rise up and through our expression will make a difference. You incarnated to be a part of this rEVOLution.

It’s not just in the US Loves, it is happening in Britain and many other places around the world. We are in for change, let us light workers influence the direction of what is to come. We need ourselves healthy and connected to our Spiritual practices.

For those of you who have been following along with these posts or in my yoga classes, you have heard me talk about this Pluto square Uranus.  Pluto and Uranus are both very slow moving planets. These aspects take a LONG time to play out. I will continue to talk about them as they evolve. Pluto is in 15* Capricorn – the destruction, transformation and rebirth of structures, forces of power and systems. The deepest, most transformative Feminine power is being activated. Uranus is 21 * Aries – Uranus is the sudden or spontaneous transformation, in his higher octaves: THE AWAKENER!  THE REBEL! He represents freedom, revolution, rebellion, liberation and radical shifts in reality.  At 21* Aries, we are being shown an ideological, progressive, evolutionary, pivotal to follow. It is time to change. This is it! This disruption is meant to empower us! 

Forever a student of the mystical ways of our Creator, I cannot help but trust in Spirit’s mission to awaken us. Look – we are awakening, and quickly! We can no longer turn a blind eye to the wounds of Humanity. 

This square is about to get even more interesting with Uranus coming into opposition with Jupiter as well as Pluto squaring up with Jupiter, making for a very powerful aspect (it will come into a stronger aspect in December, March and September – stay tuned). Jupiter is the Guru planet. The teacher, the one who brings the Highest teachings, abundance, expansion, new growth, a new way to walk this earth. The timing of this aspect is no mistake. This energy will shake things up BIG TIME, it won’t be pretty at first, but there is an army of Spiritual Warriors rising up and ready to make a change. Currently Jupiter sitting at 13* Libra is about coming together in community and shared experiences to heal. It is about collective Karma and the collective cycles and opening ourselves up to what is happening with EVERYONE. 

When I read the Astrology, I can’t help but open to deeper trust in all of this. Rise UP. Be part of this mega transformation. Let these global and local events change you. 

Mars, very recently moved into Aquarius– the futuristic way of doing things and is currently in favorable energy with Jupiter. We are being asked to pull away from complacent societal ways, from material ‘needs’ and the programming of the past to really listen to our hearts and the messaging you are receiving about what to do now. What we are already seeing is that when we listen to our hearts we are being shown our internal messaging is very similar. We are ready for a new way, a peaceful way, a grounded, rooted, connected way of living. Community. Togetherness. Hold onto your ideals through dark times, it is from struggle that we will re-create our societal structures. Let go of what you thought you knew and bravely step into the unknown. Take comfort in that our actions shape what is being created! We have a lot of work to do. Our work is cut out for us.

Saturn at 15* almost 16* Sagittarius, in favorable energy flow with Jupiter. The sabian symbol is a Tidal wave approaching telling of a transition from one major cycle to another. It is so huge that there is an equal feeling of excitement and fear. Change is here. We have no choice. 

Use this moon energy to get your heart in the right place. To tap into your internal love well. Let the love inside you and radiating from you outshine the fear so that you can look at what is happening in this world and remain present and STEADY like the Taurian Bull. Amp up your will power, harness your rage and anger in a way that can be used positively. Make art, get your message out there and be loving, inclusive and peaceful in the way you do it. We are being asked to participate like never before. Use this Super moon to charge your systems. 



Find your people. Get together. Let yourSelf been scene in your community, share your pain, your excitement, your mission. Set intention individually and together about how you are going to ground and amplify the light. Share with each other what is inspiring you. Dance, scream and hug it out. 

If you have the space to do it – get giant pieces of paper, paints and a tarp or painters plastic to put underneath it all. Put on your favorite music, don’t use words, but sounds are welcome and collectively, wildly paint. Use body parts, unconventional painting objects and brushes. Dance your emotions out, splatter them onto paper, express and create.

Admire what you co-create together!

Then pick a cause you feel called to support and make a pact to continually support throughout the year in whatever way you can. Continue to gather around the moons and hold yourselves accountable to being part of the change.

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