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Sacred Ceremony

Sensual Self-Care

INITIATING A YONI EGG PRACTICE:  Yoni eggs might be the new trend, with scientists and spiritualists incessantly debating its validity; nevertheless, this practice is ancient, and we believe its benefits are vast. From releasing tension, strengthening the pelvic floor, and healing incontinence (physical benefits), to promoting internal orgasms, healing pain (energetic and physical) pain in the womb, connecting you to your lunar cycle, and creating intimacy with your sexual organs.  If you're keen to try this out, always listen to your intuition, ensure you are getting a quality yoni egg, and being deeply aware when you have placed your egg inside your yoni.  Steps to initiating your practice: 1) Bathe your new egg in Himalayan Salt Water. You will want to do...

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Morning Ritual Magic

To truly dive fully into the magic of ceremony, a morning ritual is paramount. When we want to transform aspects of our life, the morning is a potent portal where we can harness the energy of the sun, inviting in the power of starting anew. It is during this time that we connect with Spirit and begin our day with a purposeful frequency. Arise with enough time to set-up a ritual of about 45 minutes (60 minutes if you are able), during which you will:  . 1)  Light a candle and some plant/aromatherapy medicine (Sage, Palo Santo, Nag Champa) . 2)  Create a personal prayer practice where you begin dialogue with Spirit. Here you could also read a prayer from A Year of Miracles (or...

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3 Breathing Practices for Inner Peace and Presence

The breath is a powerful tool and teacher to cultivate more inner peace and presence. Creating space for a daily 10-minute breathing (pranayama) practice will have lasting effects throughout your day if practiced first thing in the morning and if you prefer to practice in the evening, these techniques will calm the nervous system and prepare the body for rest. 

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The How and Why of Setting Intentions

Image by TBBJournals If you have ever attended a yoga class, taken a course on success or connection or healing, or read a book of an esoteric nature, you've likely been asked to 'set an intention'. This can be a powerful invitation, and it can also sound like a cliché catch phrase that holds little meaning after awhile. It can sound a lot like 'shit yogis say' if you aren't familiar with the genuine why and how of the intention setting process. So, why set intentions? 1) It creates a focus for your mind, whether in meditation, a physical practice of some sort, or even just throughout your day. When your mind os focused, or if you have something to bring your mind...

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Five steps to creating Sacred Space

A New Year is upon us and everyone is doing all the things to become better versions of themselves. And while creating new goals for oneself is fun and admirable, I have learned (after many years of being an achievement junkie) that ease is primary. Yes, we must commit to evolving the self, always, but our daily work is simple. Are you breathing and enJOYing and present? To balance the flow of hustle and ease, the first step is to ensure that the foundation you are creating is easeful. For me, this begins and ends with my space. Creating sacred space is such an important step to building a daily rhythm that supports both your highest visions (the hustle) with...

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